Facts and Figures

  1. About ten years of experience in the production and exportation of organic produce
  2. We have efficiently and effectively increased our export each year
  3. Providing employment to over 300 of our locals in the community
  4. We have a 200 acre of citrus farm as our subsidiary
  5. We supplement our capacity to produce through registered out growers within the central region of Ghana.

Processing Site

We ensure and maintain a high hygienic environmental practice for our produce and workers. The processing site is located at Batanyaa in the central region of Ghana.

Production Process

The raw material from our farm and registered out growers across the central region is transported to the processing site, thoroughly cleaned , cut into desired size and sun dried using a strict hygienic methods.

The finished produce is bagged labelled and ready for export.

Our team is made up of well trained and experience personnel.