Bothapraku Company Limited, the Emerging Leader in Organic Export

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Company Vision

The oranges are transported to the processing site, washed and peeled. The shells are dried for about 3 to 4 days and then packed in sacks in the warehouses. We have different sacks for all our products, the number 4 which is 30 kilos and 5 which also 50 kilos are further loaded into containers and transported to the harbour for shipping.

Facts and Figures

2014 we bought 30 acres of land we have all the documentation from the Family and the court. As part of our corporate social responsibility, we have a plan of building a nursery block for the workers where they can send their children to be catered for. This will enable them work without any problem of child supervision and the children can go to start the school. 2015 the company leas 600 acres of land which we are planting different product for that rising we wish to have an Investor who can get 30 % or 40 % and also have more experience in agric.

Processing Site
The company’s processing site is located at Batanyaa in the Central Region, approximately 10 kilometres from Cape Coast Kumasi main Road. The company gets its supply of the organic orange and organic rough lemon from cooperate farmers in and around the area.

Key People
The company is managed by a team of target driven experts with significant amount of experience within the industry.