Bothapraku Company Limited, the Emerging Leader in Organic Export

Processing Site 
Our processing site is very hygienic, and location at Batanyaa in the Central Region, approximately 10 kilometers from Cape Coast / Kumasi main Road and it is being regularly visited by the sanitation Inspectors.

Production Process
Raw materials from our farms and registered out growers across the nation are been transported to the processing site, after which  the raw materials are properly washed, peeled if needed and dried for a period of time. Our team of well experienced experts supervise the whole production process. After production produce are properly packed and moved to the warehouse.
Specification, packing, availability and price information, please contact us.

Future project:

Production: We increased the size of our lands to 600 acres to increase production and add on more varieties of organic produce to our already exiting produce. We are also looking forward to produce finished and semi-finished products for the market.
We are working to provide reliable and stable jobs for the youth to improve on their standard of living.
Social Responsibilities: As part of our corporate social responsibilities, we are building schools around our farming communities to improve education in those areas.