Bothapraku Company Limited, the Emerging Leader in Organic Export

About Bothapraku
We started with ‘organic orange peels’ and ‘organic lemon peels’. later continued with ‘Grains of paradise’,’ Annatto’, ‘Papaya leaves’, ‘Ethiopia Pepper’, ‘chili pepper’ and cassava. Our produce have been exhibited on the Asian, European and American markets. Bothapraku Company LTD was founded in 2012 in Accra, Ghana as a registered limited Liability Company.
Company Vision
Our vision is to become the leading exporter of fresh and quality organic produce in Africa.
Company mission
It is our mission to provide the industry with high quality, sustainable and safe organic produce.                                                     
Facts and Figures
We have many years of experience in the production and exportation of organic produce.
We Have an IMO certification from Switzerland.
We have efficiently and effectively increased our produce of exportation year on year basis.
We currently have over 300 employees including laboratory and management staffs.
We are currently working on 600 acres of land which we are looking forward to Increase as we grow.
We cultivate raw materials on our farms and also supplement from registered out growers across the nation.